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Korney Violin
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I do artsy stuff on my computer, sometimes it turns out to be fun and good.

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Fresh Static Snow by RekaVM
Fresh Static Snow

This is a very special artwork for me, in every way imaginable.
This is the most special song for me, in its 3 different concepts, which I tried to portrait in which is my first ever drawn piece.
The concept of a special person, unique in the world that will complement you; I have found such person, but it's so far away from me. I rarely can meet with her, and it involves money, which I don't have and have to earn through small comissions.
The concept of another person inside each of us, shown in the mask we wear; chaotic and irrational for every person I need to adapt to.
The concept of rewinding back time, as if going to another different world, heard in the last bit of the song, with AVANNA's voice rewinding itself.

This is my favorite song of all time.
This is the first drawing I ever made and I tried my best at doing, for at least 3 months.

I don't care if somebody reads this or not, I just wanted to share my vision on this art piece and song.

Special thanks to Porter Robinson, for making such a unique song, and to Beau Brokop for creating the concept of the Shaman, and lastly David Aguado for creating the concept art which I based part of this artwork on... True inspirations for me!
Madeon - You're On (Remake) by RekaVM
Madeon - You're On (Remake)
EDIT 9/29: The text was misspelled. Said 'YOURE YN' instead of YOURE ON', and It's because of my hype to upload it as fast as I can. The fixed version is up, my apologies ^^

It's finally here
I ended up making it really close to perfection, again... even more proud than before!

Here's a little fun story:
Imperium project file is messy as hell, as much as is the track itself
You're On, instead is really clean and was done with much less hurry, again... as the respective track :D
I hope you enjoy the 4K wallpaper :)
  • Listening to: Discovering music
  • Reading: The Shadow of the Wind
  • Watching: rewatching Evangelion, The Tatami Galaxy
  • Playing: CS:GO
  • Drinking: Tea
Yeah, you got me, I'm lazy as fuck and I dislike updating my Journal in this site. I would like to make more updates, but I feel like nobody gives a shit about me anyways, so I just roll over and continue my life haha.

First and foremost, I would like you to thank you all for the new watches, tons of favorites and amazing feedback to my latest, bigger artwork, where I try to work on more details and try new styles, as well as progressively getting away from fan-artwork and move towards a more refined, pure vision original work.
So everyone who liked my work in these past 4 months or so... Thank you. The fact that more people are interested makes me happy, and makes me want to continue doing this.

And as per other stuff, I will list them as always because it's way more easy to read.
  • Got the last and ultimate pc ugrade after getting new processor: a new Graphics Card, which ended up being 100% free to me. a Gigabyte GTX 760, but it broke after a week for no apparent reason, and after waiting a month for the replacement, it broke, again... after 2 weeks. I'm going to replace it yet again, but feeling so lazy lately isn't helping. After getting it and assuring my pc won't lag every program switch between Photoshop and Chrome, I will finally proceed to my second mention in the list.
  • Which is 3D rendering and Cinema4D. After getting my GPU replacement, I decided to give it a shot, and with the help of some other 3D artists, I started studying it a bit... but after my GPU broke for the second time, you know how my motivation bar is...
  • Reached 400 likes on Facebook just recently after the Lionhearted piece. Really happy about the milestone! Lots of friends who ignored my doings are taking an interest, or so I think. But I would appreciate if not only friends go there, and complete strangers visit. Feels more like a crowd, and I like crowds as a musician that I am. Feel free to pass by: me on facebook
  • After Flicker (which by the way Porter posted my submittion of it on his tumblr!) and Lionhearted II, my next stop is Fresh Static Snow, my favorite song from the album, and favorite song of all time. I'm focusing on the two different concepts the original artworks for the album version and live version portrayed... and I'm doing this fan artwork by a completely new to me way: Digital drawing. I never did anything similar to it and this may be my first drawing from nearly scratch in years, but I can show you a sneak peek
  • I split my twitter accounts onto an art one and a personal one. The old one with more followers will be the art one and you can check it if you want mostly art posts from me, throwbacks, sneak peeks, inspiration and whatnot. I also will post my mobile photography there every now and then. You can visit here
And this is it, nothing more, I think. I will start my second year of technical school in a few days, and that means I will have practice in a few months, for a few months too. This will turn my time schedule into 10 hours of "classes" and barely any minute to my artwork... but thankfully I find this school course very easy, and teachers give me more access to the computer system there. I may have time doing stuff there. Anyways, if you made it here, I thank you for giving a shit! You and I should go have something at a bar and whatnot... if you ever stop by Barcelona as a tourist heh.

I'll see myself out now :)

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